Making of the “All Natural Liquid fertilizer” at home is really very easy and you can start it with the waste in your kitchen.

When preparing vegetables for meals, we have peelings and inedible stems and parts that we toss in the compost bin, the garbage can, or are ground up and flushed away in our garbage disposals. Instead, keep a bucket handy and toss the peelings and other plant material in a bucket.

Buy good quality distilled water from the market and cover the plant material kept in the bucket with this water. You could also use clean rainwater instead.  

Let the bucket set for three days, stir occasionally, and drain off this nutritional tea into a watering can or gallon jug to be used on your houseplants. Finally, toss the plant material on the compost pile.

Using this all natural liquid fertilizer is a great way to feed your plants inside and out all year round.Outside use could be done with a garbage can or barrel situated so you can gather rainwater.

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