It is the beginning of the New Year and gardeners across the globe must be curious to know about the gardening trends that are supposed to prevail and have an impact in the year 2012.

Some predictions can always be made in gardening. Growing your own fruits and vegetables were the prime focus in the year 2011. Wildlife gardening was also one among that attracted gardeners. Both these trends are most likely to be continued with same energy and aptness.

Sales of red, white and blue flowering plants are likely to surge as the world will be witnessing the biggest sporting event, the London Olympics. Planting up a border, container or hanging basket with red, white and blue flowers is a great way for gardeners.

Many gardeners will want to add a piece of topiary to a border or display them in pots after these plants enjoyed a high-profile during the last year.

Topiary would be registering its great presence this year.Those already hooked on raising edibles are expected to start growing their own cut flowers from seed.

Sale of varieties suitable for cutting, such as Helichrysum, echinacea, gaura, delphinium, pinks, zinnia, cornflower and rudbeckia will be the next big thing and envisage a boom in the sale of seeds in 2012.

Rise of ‘rurbanism‘, a movement where city dwellers hanker after some of the simple pleasures of rural life such as keeping bees, hens and even a couple of pigs in the back garden is expected this year with much enthusiasm.

Adventurous gardening will be observed in the urban areas with more coverage for berries and nuts in parks. There would be a nice mixing up of urban and rural ideals in gardening in this year of 2012.

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