Several types of bird-feeders are available these days and you should select the one to buy according to the birds you wish to attract in your home and garden.

Basic platform feeders are all time favorites because they generally hold a lot of seeds and provide a perching area for several birds at a time. Covered platform feeders are recommended because they protect the food from rain.

You will find several different styles of hanging feeders, including tube feeders and bowl feeders, will attract the smaller songbirds — and will be used less frequently by larger birds, such as cardinals, that rarely feed on swaying feeders.

Tube feeders with multiple seed ports for small birds and a roof to keep rain and snow out are the easiest to hang from almost any sturdy branch or hook.

Platform feeders with a roof set on a post work well for larger birds like juncos, sparrows, towhees, quail and doves but also draw squirrels that can empty a feeder in no time.

It’s important to keep the seed dry so that mold and diseases don’t form. Wet seed also freezes, making the birds work harder to get it.

Hang feeders where you can see them but close to large dense trees or shrubs so the birds have a quick place to hide if a predator shows up. We’ve had hawks try to snatch birds right off the feeders.

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