You must be enjoying the holidays with full throttle these days and it is quite obvious that you are not paying full attention to your garden and gardening activities owing to celebrations of Christmas holidays.

As soon as you get free from these holidays you will obviously have certain activities that need your attention in the garden. You may start thinking and acting over any or all of these activities as per your convenience during coming days and weeks.

  1. Just surf on the internat and book tickets to any of the forthcoming gardening  shows scheduled in the year 2012.
  2. Clean out the garden shed or garage and reduce, recycle or re-use anything that you might otherwise discard to the every decreasing landfill sites.
  3. Check and schedule the servicing of any garden equipment, tool,and machinery and check your residual circuit device (RCD) functioning.
  4. Order 2012 seeds, plantlets, seedlings before it is too late.
  5. Accomplish winter digging on your vegetable garden.
  6. Purchase and plant new trees if you have planned for the ones.
  7. Scoop out blown leaves from ponds, gutters, drains and those corners where the wind blows them to and put them at the back of a border to improve the soil – they will also give the resident blackbirds something to flick through in their continuous search for food.
  8. Clean out bird boxes, bird baths and bird feeders to stop the spread of disease and erect one or two more bird boxes in shaded, sheltered places away from potential predators.
  9. Go for the garden photography and pictures of your garden.
  10.  Do not forget enjoying time with your family, whether it is in the garden or out for a country walk.

[Source ; Good Gardening Practices ]

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