Christmas Day celebrations in homes require a lot to organize and you would sure want to enjoy the day with all love and beauty. Flowers are sure one of the most lovable and needed items in your decorations.

You could still find some room for a few plants or bunch of seasonal flowers and if these are from your own garden then it would be double the pleasure.Hydrangeas flowers and plants display several spectacular colors and put on a real show. Hydrangeas are really versatile and will work well with a range of flowers and ideas. You could try including some silver foliage highlights to varieties with cooler colored flowers such as green or white.

Flax flowers will last a lot longer than the fabled pohutukawa. The smaller ones have strong flower stems with collections of upright flutes. These can be placed on their own but give some structural bite to many presentations.

Nothing beats roses on Christmas. Roses are an absolute Christmas classic and the right varieties can also add scent as well as sparkle to your table.

Clematis flowers look beautiful on a vine and you may work around the strong stems such as the flax flower or bird of paradise.

Manuka flowers are another Kiwi favorite and look pretty in big bunches. They look great in combination with the parsley flowers or Queen Anne’s lace. Even small green bamboo shoots suit with a contrast to the intricate flower and leaf arrangement of the manuka.

Pohutukawa needles fall out and go all over the table and the flowers will be lucky to last through the day, the pohutukawa is a great Christmas bloom.

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