Rex begonia is a beautiful indoor plant. It could take its place as a cornerstone of holiday decorations.

Rex Begonias are primarily indoor plants known for their colorful and textured foliage. The name is derived from the Latin word for king, and the foliage certainly looks like royalty. The coarse- textured leaves are colorful, with streaks and splashes of silver, cream and burgundy.

Outstanding ymmetry of the leaves’ spiraling shape adds to the beauty of Rex begonia. This spiral design is repeated in nature, from the shells of the nautilus to great galaxies in outer space, and it is a very pleasing shape.

Christmas and holiday decorations with the variety Hilo Holiday would be a great idea. The foliage of this plant has a bright, reddish pink middle that is framed in silvery tones. The leaf border is green with splatters of pink and silver.

A less colorful selection is Iron Cross, but this plant is big on texture. The medium-green leaves of this plant have a pebbled and quilted surface that is almost rough to the touch. The leaves have chocolate brown highlights on the center veins.

Rex begonias will thrive indoors under the right conditions. Never place it in a west- or south-facing window, as direct sunlight can damage the plant. An ideal location is one that is prominent but also receives high, indirect light.

Rex begonias need higher humidity than most indoor plants require. An easy solution is to place the planting container on a tray filled with decorative pebbles or gravel and covered in water. As the water evaporates from the surface of the pebbles, it will create a microclimate with the needed humidity.

Though these plants like humidity, they do not like being overwatered. Make sure the potting media is dry to the touch before watering.

Rex begonias are easy to propagate using leaf cuttings. To start a new plant, place a leaf, base side down, into a container with moist potting media. Place a clear plastic bag over the container and set it where it receives indirect light. New plantlets will form at the leaf base.

With its spiraling colors Rex begonia can liven up any holiday occasion. Be sure to place this plant on the top of your wish list for next year’s Christmas decorating.

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