This time of the year there is a designated first-out-of-storage Christmas decoration in almost every home.

Kalanchoe ‘Flapjack’ , the ceramic Christmas tree has a perfect conical shape with the coating of pine green glaze.

This plant emits a cozy glow thanks to tiny, multi-colored lights that sit on the branch tips.

This is also one of the perfect Christmas gift and everyone in your family will appreciate it. Holiday decoration is the other plus of this plant.

This trendy succulent is blessed with leaves the size of a business card, the shape of a paddle and a delicious silvery blue-green color, edged in soft red. Each pair sits opposite another pair along a stubby central stem.

Like most succulents, it’s at home in desert zones.  ‘Flapjack’ forms a tall triangle, its leaves gradually tapering in size as they reach the top.

Visions of a table-top Christmas tree will sure dance in your mind owing to this perfect symmetry. ‘Flapjack’ even grows up to 5 feet tall and the flowers buds get unforgettable urn-shaped protuberances topped with tiny white petals.

On windy days it goes into a protected corner of the screen porch; on frosty nights, it comes in the house.

When it finishes blooming, the main stem will die, but the good news: a few babies would be forming at the base.

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