A research concluded at The Ontario College of Family Physicians revealed that the children are at serious risk from lawn and garden chemicals.

Children play innocently outdoors and this increases their chances of coming into contact with lawn and garden chemicals exponentially.

Research suggests that exposure to these chemicals during prenatal and early childhood development can result in permanent loss of brain function.

Some of the lawn and garden chemicals applied in the urban lawns have sufficient potential to disrupt our hormone and endocrine systems.

This disruption could lead to decreased immune system function, impaired reproductive abilities, behavioral changes such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, and increased susceptibility to breast and testicular cancer.

Overusing of the fertilizers is equally harmful. Chemical fertilizers reduce the population of good soil microorganisms while increasing the number of harmful organisms.

In an overly fertilized garden heavy with chemicals, there aren’t enough beneficial soil organisms to hold on to the nutrients. On average, homeowners use 10 times more chemical pesticides and fertilizers per acre than farmers use on farmland.

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