Gardeners could face situations like overcoming water problems in plant beds quite some time.The best way out in such conditions would be to use and grow the right landscape plants compatible with wet, sandy, well-drained soil.

Prior to the commencement of planting such landscaping plants you must remove debris from overflowing or blocked rain gutters and redirect downspouts to alternate lawn or landscape beds.

If there is any, ensure that you cover the exposed soil with a layer of organic mulch. Pine straw works extremely well in wet areas. You need to wait for a few weeks before planting. Thereafter install the plants right into the mulch layer.

There are many such right landscaping plants available including the “Florida gama grass” which is always an attractive native bunch grass; goldenrod; blue flag iris or canna lilies for planting in full sun.

Swamp fern and scorpiontail work in shade. Shrubs include wild coffee, Yaupon holly, Simpson’s stopper, wax myrtle and even cultivars of banana are good options to grow.

There could be specific small trees and palms as well that you may consider growing. Some of them include Florida-grown red maple, Dahoon holly, sweet bay magnolia or cabbage palms .

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