In gardening adverse conditions that must be taken care of include the intense sun, wind, low rainfall and alkaline soil and water. These are not the friendliest conditions. You need to learn how to deal with local conditions.

The key to success in gardening is understanding the effects that nature has on each plant. Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to deal with learning to garden successfully is to study the native plants. They have adapted to local conditions so all one has to do is mimic those conditions.

The largest obstacle in mimicking local conditions is to stop watering as much as we do. Understanding plant soil and sun requirements to ensure proper placement is about all that is needed.

Majority of the native and adapted plants need good quality soils with good drainage. Drainage is the main issue we need to correct if you have heavy clay soil in your garden. There are a variety of soil amendments that can be added to the soil to correct the drainage problem.

It is generally better to grow native plants and adapted plants as well as others less suitable for your local conditions. Xeriscape gardening does not restrict one to only using native or adapted plants however.

Plants that are less adapted simply need to be aggregated and properly placed for easiest care, not intermingled with natives.

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