Gardening catalogs and garden centers generally offer a large variety of garden tools. These gardening tools include basic as well as the highly specialized and multipurpose tools.

There are five very basic garden tools most suitable for gardening and especially the vegetable gardening. These basic hand garden tools include a shovel, spading fork, rake, hoe, and hand trowel.

A durable and easy to use garden trowel is essential in a greenhouse and is ideal for transplanting seedlings and bulbs. Buy the best you can find

Garden shovel has a rounded blade is lighter and smaller compared to all other types of shovels. Depending upon your own ease of use you should select the right type of garden shovel. Get the best you can afford.

The difference between shovels and spades is important to understand. Shovels are earth movers with dish-shaped blades mounted to the handle at an angle. A spade has a flat blade and is designed for cutting rather than lifting or moving soil. Spades are for digging. Shovels are for moving earth.

Hoe is essentially used in removing weeds and sometimes to prepare a seed bed. There are many types of garden hoe available. The most common is the square-bladed hoe, which is an all-purpose tool.

Spading fork is a useful soil aeration tool. It is more like a short-handled pitchfork on steroids. The tines are thick and robust. The purpose of the spading fork is to break up topsoil and subsoil. Digging potatoes is made easy with a spading fork for instance.

A hard-tooth rake is useful in clearing the garden of roots and rocks. You will find it helpful in spreading mulch and smoothing seed beds as well. You must buy a high-quality, lightweight rake with a fiberglass handle. In gardening the length of a rake handle bears importance. The tip of the handle should come up to your ear when standing upright. A shorter handle may cause back strain.

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