Sometimes it is great to go stylish in gardening. A garden designed with style and durable ideas will need to look stylish while nurturing your fruits and flower plants. To help nurture plants and add beauty to gardens here are three very useful tips:

  1. Add succulents for a low maintenance addition to your garden. Simply take a stem cutting of the succulent plant of your choice and let it heal for at least one month before planting. You can also dress them with ribbon or raffia and use them as ornaments on your Christmas tree.
  2. In case you are bringing greens or branches in from your garden to use in arrangements you must know that they will drink water more effectively if you slit the stems straight up 1 to 2 inches and gently pound the stems with a hammer. 7-Up added to the water helps them last a little longer.
  3. To prune your roses like a professional, know the specific type of roses you have.Hybrid tea roses are pruned differently than climbing roses.
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