Gardeners know that summer with spring and cold, heat and rain require specific gardening care in the moth of December.

If it has rained enough then it would be a wiser step to apply dolomite to roses and give lawns a light application of lime. Roses are quite prone to some frugal diseases and will need a spray with copper oxychloride when the spring flower flush is finished.

In case of tomatoes the overall growth could be limited. You should boost them with Flourish and a handful of blood and bone.

When the heat arrives don’t cut lawns too low, and remember, a deep watering every three or four days is better than just watering the surface each day.

You must have started your Christmas preparations and in the garden you must ensure that the garden beds should have been completed weeks ago but if this hasn’t been done, plant out some instant punnets of annuals in flower.

For those families that are buying living Christmas trees there is a caution to be ensured. These lovely living Christmas trees shouldn’t be taken inside too early.When inside, position them in a saucer for watering regularly and near an open window where fresh air is readily available.

Hydrangeas are popular at this time of year. They look great in a pot near the front door but be warned, they will require a daily drink.

Whatever you do in the garden during December, if it is spraying, planting or fertilising, do it in the cool of the evening and take care with sprays if the temperature is above 30 degrees.

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