Recently Physocarpus ‘Little Devil’ has been crowned with the Garden Retail Award 2011 for Best New Plant. It’s a relative of the larger purple leaved P. o. ‘Diabolo’ and has gained immense popularity across the globe in recent past.

Little Devil and Diabolo are generally differentiated on the basis of their names also and their peculiar characteristics, as the name suggests, this new cultivar is a dwarf shrub, reaching only 120cm (4’) in a 10 year period and giving superb deep purple foliage during spring and summer.

Its clusters of pink, opening to white flowers in June are particularly attractive to butterflies and other insects, making it an excellent option for those practising wildlife friendly gardening.

It has no regular pruning requirements, is apparently hardy down to -30° C and, apart from shallow, chalky soils, will cope with most other garden soils.

For gardeners that have limited space, this new ornamental deciduous shrub will surely be a winner in 2012.

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