How about celebrating this Christmas with a Living Christmas tree!!!

You should gradually introduce the living christmas tree from outside to inside over three or four days via the garage or enclosed porch. A tree that is dormant and exposed to immediate warmth will start to grow.

While the christmas tree is introduced into the house via porch or garage, do not forget to check for critters and insect egg masses as the tree acclimatizes. You should also spray with an anti-desiccant or anti-wilt product to minimize needle loss. Such spray will also protect the christmas tree from losing valuable moisture to a climate-controlled home.

If possible, you should put the tree in the coolest part of the room and away from heating ducts. Putting the christmas tree in a large galvanized tub is a good idea and ensure that it is done with including the root ball. This tub will stabilize the tree and ball and confine water and needles into a more manageable and cleanable space. Stabilize the christmas tree in the tub in a straight and vertical position using rocks or bricks.

If the roots are balled in burlap, fill the empty space around and on top of the ball with mulch to retain as much moisture as possible. Then water the tree as often as necessary to moisten the roots but not soggy.

Keep the christmas tree inside no longer than 7-10 days; some experts suggest only 4 days.Plant the christmas tree outside in a pre-dug hole. Water the tree well if the ground hasn’t frozen and continue to water until it does.

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