We are just seven weeks away from the Christmas. There is not much time available to prepare the garden for the festive season. Therefore it is really appropriate to plant petunias this week in case you wish to create a sparkling display of annuals to match your Christmas decorations and garden lighting.

You should start turning the soil over regularly to encourage the plants to spread.

Red petticoats are still the most favoured petunias for Christmas colour – this flower’s frilly white edges make it popular, followed closely by blues, which complement the woldnderful shades of agapanthus and the brilliant jacaranda.

Whatever colour scheme you choose, it is necessary to plant quickly into a well cow manured garden to stimulate the flowers in time for the holiday season.

Flamingo petunias have their pastels pinks complement and they positively glow at night.This could facinate you as well.

In case you are running short of time you could also buy some lovely instant bloomers for the coming Christmas. Nurseries will have many temptations to give your home a festive feel.

decorated mini Christmas tree or a magnificent potted hydrangea could be a good alternative to the traditional christmas trees.Potted herbs are also make great presents – pot up a mixed bowl soon and grow the plants so they will be established for Christmas Day.

You must use a good potting mix to create a presentable gift. Having a pot mixed with all different flowers would be a great idea. Use some perennials, together with annuals to create a riot of colour.

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