Your garden must be appropriate in size and scale. It doesn’t cost anything to have your beds the right width so you can move your wheelbarrow around. Gardeners had been saving money for decades propagating plants and growing from seeds.

Across the world gardeners and home owners have understood well the importance of growing fruits,vegetables,herbs,and flowers on their own simply because it adds to the home-economy.

Doing simple things like changing your garden tools will make your job easier. Try using a tarpaulin sheet for weeds instead of a wheelbarrow. You can collect a lot more and carry it over your shoulder and up steps.

Recycling is a great way to save money. Something like putting pine posts in the garden and being creative with what they grow up them. Plants are always the cheapest things you can buy for the garden. It’s about keeping it local and not having to travel to buy things.

You can save yourself money on watering by laying cardboard or grass clippings over the soil. This keeps the moisture in so you do not have to water as often.

You can make a soil testing kit from boiling purple cabbage.Get soil from the garden and put it in a jam jar with some water and shake it up. Let it settle and decant off the water and add the boiled cabbage water, which will be purple.If it turns red, the soil is acidic. Blue, green or yellow is alkaline and purple is neutral. Even if it is not the most accurate it is still something fun to try with the grandchildren.

A beat-up old wicker basket is a good place to set your flower pot inside so you can’t see the pot and it looks like your plants are growing in a nice woven basket,

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