Leaves from deciduous trees decompose much more slowly than other garden waste and should not really be put on the compost heap.

Piled separately, they rot down into leaf mould after about two years and then make a fantastic soil conditioner or mulch. The mould is not rich in nutrients like compost so it is always better not to put it on your vegetable patch. After raking the leaves, it can’t hurt to give the lawn a more vigorous rake to remove the thatch which has been collecting over the summer.

If you have planted pansies in pots or the geraniums in the pots these still could be having potential for a plenty of flowers.You may hope to give them a few more days to flower before they were knocked off by the cold weather. This time these must be flowering away cheerfully, putting on new flowers thanks to the warm weather and regular rainfall.

The shrubs which you might have lightly pruned last month to keep them in trim for winter will soon be getting on a new growth.

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