How about planting few “all-black flowering garden plants” this time? Here are some of the lovely ones for your garden;

The Black King

The Black king is really a very deep purple perennial, compact, bushy, free-flowering plant. The flowers are ideal for bedding and cutting. They grow to around 20cm tall and smell delicious. Plant in full sun in a border, or in pots.

Nemophila Penny Black

This hardy annual provides a continuous display of deep purple to black flowers with scalloped, silver edges. It looks like a stamp – hence the name. It’s ground-hugging and grows well in sun or part shade, but needs regular watering.

Viola Black Velvet

A hardy annual, the black pansy has been an all time flavour for home gardener. It’s an early flowering Viola and the velvety black flowers have a bright yellow eye. It’s creepy, in the botanical sense of the word. Full sun or semi-shade.

Hollyhock Black

The black variety of Mallow / Hollyhock is an unusual addition to any garden border. The dried flowers make an eye-catching addition to potpourri.

Nasturtium Black Velvet

You must have adored to put nasturtiums in salads.The velvety black top flowering nasturtium is great for baskets, planters or as a contrasting bedding plant.

 Poppy Peony Black

This is not an opium plant but it is real glorious and oversize double poppies grow on big, leafy, messy plants. You can use the dried seed pods in floral arrangements.

Among the various other black flowers and plants that are popular include black zucchini and black capsicum.Other choices are blackberries, blueberries, black grapes, black plums, avocado, aubergine, black beans, black-eyed peas and black passionfruit.

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