Winter sowing has emerged as a new method pf gardening past few years. It is inexpensive, easy, and uses recyclables. No overhead lights, peat pots, heating pads.

It is very easy with the recyclables that we all have around the house that can be used to make mini greenhouses, such as plastic jugs, foil and plastic take home containers and lettuce or spinach containers.

You can create a mini greenhouse with a handle and a tilt-back lid, in the case of the jug.Take the empty water jug and poke four holes in the bottom for drainage, three holes around the top to let air circulate in your greenhouse.

Using a sharp knife you slice around the gallon jug starting to the side just below the bottom of the handle and proceed three quarters of the way around. You end up with air vents on top, drainage holes on the bottom, and grasping the handle and tilting it back, a mini greenhouse you then fill with potting soil and seeds.

Drop the seeds on top of the soil and cover lightly or leave the seeds on top of the soil. Water, put the cap on the top, tape the cut side closed, tape a label on bottom and set your greenhouses outside on the deck, porch, under the deck stairs or on the picnic table for the winter.

The dropped seeds and many other seeds that dropped from some of your annuals or perennials are winter sowing for next spring. For more details on this process visit for instructions and lists of flowers and vegetables you can use for this method.

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