Seed saving helps you save money and keep the varieties of plants you find valuable in your garden. However, Hybrid flower Seeds and hybrid vegetables seeds should not be saved. With the hybrid seed you will not get a true replica of the hybrid plant simply because a cross between two plants will not be the same again.

Open-pollinated plants are required save seeds from, such as heirloom varieties. With the collapse of the USSR federation and other Russian nation collapsed, their seed bank also opened to the world with its great storehouse of seeds that were saved by Russian farmers and scientists and given to their seed bank.

Similarly, the United States also has a seed bank. You must be knowing that many immigrants coming over from several other countries come with seed from the family’s favorite plant and growing it in America.

If you conduct a little search on the internet you will get a wealth of information and nurseries where you can order open-pollinated seed for next year to grow and save year after year.

If you have a small backyard garden it will be hard to harvest seeds. This is because bees pollinate your plants. If you have three types of spinach, bees will cross-pollinate the plants as they harvest the pollen resulting in no more open-pollinated plant, or seed thereafter.

If you plant one type of open-pollinated spinach, you will be able to save the seed to plant next year. Some seeds are fussy needing to be chilled before planting, some need to be scarified (scratched), etc. You must do a little research prior to the seed saving.

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