Summer’s hot and dry weather generally results your garden looking wilted and droopy. You might have watered more frequently because of that. Vegetable gardeners should use wiser watering their gardens.

A vegetable garden normally needs about an inch of rain a week to do well.  The ideal times of the day to water are in the morning or in the late afternoon. Watering too late in the day is not a good idea as it could lead to dampness which can encourage fungus and mold.

It’s also important to give the garden a good soaking when watering. Regular shallow watering will encourage roots to grow shallowly rather than develop deeper, stronger roots.

You need to ensure that when watering the soil near the roots must get wet. Although the leaves may be drooping, plants take up water from their roots. Wet leaves do little to feed a thirsty plant.

Container Ggardening

Container Gardening is is a more viable option if you have limited space.Careful attention must be paid to keeping container gardens adequately watered. They will dry out much more quickly than gardens planted in the soil.

Rain Gauge

A rain gauge is a handy device for keeping track of how much water your garden is getting. A coffee can or small bucket can also be used to monitor the rainfalls.

Mulching Helps Retain Moisture

Mulching garden beds helps to retain moisture in the soil as well as offering a few other benefits such as weed suppression and adding more organic content to the soil.

Rain Barrel Saves Money

Rain barrels are great assets during the dry times. You can easily use them to fill watering cans to water containers and other spots in the garden. If you don’t have a rain barrel, you might consider adding one or two to your dwelling. There are planty of online resources for purchasing a rain barrel as well as plans for making one yourself. A rain barrel saves money on water costs.

Garden Hose Water The Whole Garden

When watering the whole garden, you must prefer using a hose, which provides accuracy for getting the soil and not just the leaves wet. An added bonus to a watering session is the chance enjoy the scent of damp soil while surveying the garden and observing the green growth of our plot of land.

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