Are you living in an apartment? You have space crunch to grow a great garden in that apartment? You must be thinking of the ways that could help you with a small space garden in your apartment without getting worried about cleaning and maintaining soil.

There are plants that do not need soil to grow. These ‘no soil plants’ could easily be grown in just an old wine bottle or a broken vase. Without soil, they thrive in a bottle that supports, provides ideal temperature and oxygen. These plants have the power to absorb oxygen from water. Orchids 

The beautiful lilac flowers can be your property if you know the best way to take care of them. Orchids do not demand soil, they are plants that require support but loose substrata. Orchids can be grown like creepers, epiphytes (grown on trees) or lithophytes (on rocks). A long nozzle bottle with half filled water that needs to be changed often will be enough for the orchid apartment garden. A bed of sand, glazed stones can also be the substrata of the bottle.

Money Plant

These lucky home plants can also be planted in glass bottles or vases. The plant is ever green so sunlight is important to maintain their colour. Simply keeping a cutting of the plant and pruning the yellow brown leaves is enough with respect to the plant care. A few drops of manure can be directly added to the water and the stem can be tied or given a support of the wall.


English ivy (Hedera helix) is the most versatile apartment plant as it is easiest to grow. They make your small space apartment garden look green and fresh. They make the balcony area look like a virtual lawn. The rapid growing plant is first wrapped in damp cloth. After the roots develop, they can be planted in a pot or a vessel containing damp sand. When they reach a certain height (about 50 feet), either they can be climbers or transferred to a bigger pot.

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