A greenhouse should be at least 6ft wide; 8ft if you want staging on each   side. Frames are made from either wood or aluminium. Choose a site that gets plenty of light, but is sheltered from strong winds.   Avoid shade, particularly in early spring and late winter, and don’t put it   too close to any trees, as falling leaves will dirty the glass.

If you intend to heat the greenhouse with electrical heaters, the closer it is   to the house, the cheaper it will be to install the electricity. Try to   allow at least 2ft of access space around the greenhouse for cleaning or making repairs.

If the greenhouse is visible from the house, an attractive wooden model, or a well-finished aluminium design is worth considering. On the other hand, if   it is at the end of the garden, a functional aluminium frame will do the   job. [ Read Complete Post  …  ]

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