It is a good time to begin with fall gardening . Warm soil plus cool, damp days encourages many plants to thrive. You should be ready to dig in with these tips for fall gardening.

  1. Acid-loving plants such as holly, azaleas and rhododendrons should be well watered as needed until cold weather sets in. If leaves are turning yellow, apply a sulfur or fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants now to improve the color by spring.
  2. Keep spraying roses to control diseases. Deep watering is necessary at least once a week. Do not feed so the plants will start to harden off for winter protection.
  3. Avoid cutting plants too heavily from now on as they survive winter better if most of the growth is allowed to remain on the plants.
  4. Herbs such as parsley, rosemary, chives, thyme and marjoram can be dug from the garden and placed in pots for growing indoors in winter.
  5. Start improving upon the perennial beds or establish new ones. Prepare soil deeply for new plantings or resetting divisions and add extra organic matter such as cotton burr compost and triple phosphate, which aids in good root development.
  6. Fall is an ideal times to establish ground covers. Use in shaded areas, steep slopes or just to reduce the size of the lawn. The same planting procedure is used as in any other planting. Liriope, lily-of-the-valley, low-growing junipers, perennial geraniums and azaleas are a few recommended plants. To these, add spring bulbs for each color.
  7. Start preparing houseplants for the indoors.
  8. Prune back rampant growth and check for pests.

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