Are you looing for ‘something different’ for the garden?

Weeping’ species  are specifically encouraging as they weep induced far more flowers and fruit. The idea is good and you could start with the rambling roses which are traditionally grown on walls and fences.

It was found that when they were made to ‘weep’ down towards the soil, instead of having roses 20 feet in the air all the branches threw out side shoots and were completely covered with rose blooms.

Have a go at something in the garden which may be a bit too vigorous, something perhaps that you have wondered whether or not to get rid of! You just need several suitable lengths of very thick wire or some flexible thin canes – or, even better, some hazel sticks – about an inch in diameter.

Keep on bending the sticks lots of times because they won’t be very flexible. Then insert one end firmly into the soil around the edge of the shrub and the other end into the opposite side to form a kind of hoop over the top. This is done in several places so that all of the branches can be tied into one of the hoops.

The tying-in is done all through the summer so that all the branches are now pointing towards the surface of the soil. Next year you will see masses of blooms on all the short stems which will emerge from the bent branches.

Tips of some species may root into the soil. So, if you don’t want this to happen, simply cut off the tips just before they reach the soil. You may also like give rooted cuttings to other friends. That’s what gardening is all about. With the ‘Queen Elizabeth rose’ you will be amazed.

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