If you often visit to your neighborhood nursery or garden center you must have observed that there is a wide range of plants available for your garden.

Sometimes, the great variety of choices makes seasoned gardeners cringe and beginning home gardeners leave with a feeling of hopelessness. Don’t despair!

You may want to include some of the many perennial flowering and foliage plants, such as those pictured above. With little care, these perennial beauties will perform year after year. They often provide a balance for a garden bed that includes small trees, shrubs and annuals.

If you’re planning on developing a new garden that will include perennials, mid-summer is a good time to visit a public or community garden to get ideas on garden design, edging, hardscapes and plants you’d like to have in your garden.

Take notes and possibly make a sketch now of your ideas and plant choices. Then this fall you’ll be able to purchase and plant these perennials at the best time

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