More and more people started to grow vegetables and fruits in their own garden for consumption as they see it as a very healthy and convenient alternative to unnatural and artificially commercial food that also costs more. Making their gardens look good is another important aspect for them as they wish for their garden to be beautiful and have an aesthetical appeal since it will be a part of their home.

Kitchen garden design depends on a series of factors such as climate, fencing and type of seeds that are used. Also, the size of the area is important as it determines the design and style for the final kitchen garden. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to designing such a garden, so you need to know exactly how you want it to look like. Moreover, the amount of sun that the garden will get needs to be taken into account as the main vegetables and fruits that are grown in this type of gardens need a specific amount of direct sunlight. Therefore, you need to make sure that the area destined for your future kitchen garden will get enough sun exposure during the day in order to grow and thrive.

The type of the plants and their variety is also essential for kitchen gardening as it is not advisable to select your plants only because they are easy to grow and maintain. Your main criteria of selecting the fruits, vegetables and herbs to plant and grow should be your preferences, what you like to eat, as personal consumption is the main purpose of having your own kitchen garden. Choose those that you use on a regular basis, such as tomatoes, lemon trees and herbs, and not those that you only consume once in a while. Furthermore, the variety will ensure you a balance, when you choose to grow small amounts of each plant in your garden. Another important aspect of the design is installing a fencing system around your plants in order to protect them from marauding animals or pests. In addition, you should label your plant in order to make it easier to identify each of them. There are certain plants that need support structures like trellises, for instance tomatoes and other plants with vines.

After all these aspects are covered, you need to divide your kitchen garden into separate sections and create a seating area from which you can admire your work and creation. You can even leave a small area of your garden for your children to play without ruining your work of art and avoid planting in rows as this technique is usually used for large farm lands. Otherwise, when you decide that your garden needs some punch, you can use containers and place them strategically so that they will draw attention. Container gardening is actually a very well known method used to frame different area of the garden, such as the path by placing two containers on both sides of the landing. Growing herbs in containers can be a practical and convenient method to have an organized and stylish kitchen garden. There are a lot of books that can help you learn about container gardening, which are the most popular culinary herbs and vegetables and how to grow veggies in small spaces.

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