After the recession, the decision is not only based on how much a certain garden furniture or tool costs but also, for how long it can be used. This is not only important from the perspective of any garden section portfolio .

A slow, but stabile change can be noticed in the turnover of the gardening products. Not only did the decrease experienced in certain areas stop, but increase started in other areas. Customers are seemingly looking for offers with good price-value ratio: both the turnover of the least expensive items and those of higher price and reliable quality are increasing. A growing number of people say “I cannot afford to buy cheap products.”

Naturally, there are significant differences within the assortment of many thousands of different gardening items. The turnover of pleasure gardens has started to increase already and has shown an on-going demand for monocarp and balcony plants, bushes and evergreens. What’s more, the turnover of rhododendrons, for example, has tripled since then.

The sales of kitchen garden plants have been stimulated by the increase in food prices, the turnover of seeds, seed potatoes, onion sets and fruit trees has considerably grown. The turnover of garden furniture is also increasing, from the small balcony arrangements to the big wooden sets of 6-8 persons. Especially the turnover of the plastic rattan and the aluminium-textile sets has increased.

An interesting change in customer habits is shown among grill sets: there has been a decrease in the purchase of traditional – and, for many, not so convenient – charcoal grills, while their place has been taken over by the easy-to-handle and easy-to-clean gas grills.  There is a growth in demand for gardening machines, and though in this field often the most important decision factor is price, nevertheless a more cautious and long-term thinking decision-making can be felt.

The demand is especially high in the case of outdoor plants, seed, moulds and different nutrients, and, in the case of machines, for example among pumps. In each case it is true that the ability to provide high quality, short transportation deadline and on-going supply is necessary to provide outstanding turnover and to deliver standard quality.

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