High-energy mole food comes in the form of grubs, earthworms, beetles and beetle larvae, other insects, snails and spiders. Moles occasionally eat small amounts of plant parts. Their appetite is almost insatiable, and their favorite food is earthworms.

Controlling white grubs will not eliminate moles as long as there are other food sources available. However, if the infestation is heavy, treating for grubs may significantly reduce the mole’s food source and, in turn, result in lower mole activity.

Remember that your yard is part of the mole’s territory. It may expand its territory to find more food, but this is home. If you have moles already, do not expect grub control to chase these moles away.

It might be best to invest in a mole trap. They are available in two main types: the choker-loop and the harpoon.

The choker-loop trap kills the mole by squeezing it between the loop and the trap body. The harpoon trap impales the mole with steel spikes when the animal pushes up on the trigger.

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