It is really important to make sure what you plant around your home will help keep it safe from a fire. What you plant could mean the difference between saving your home, or watching it burn.

The lilacs would be a good shrub, spiraea, barberry, are all good choices, they’re mostly deciduous shrubs, and they have a lower burn point. Roses and lilies are also good plants for fire-prone areas.

As a general rule, plants that hold more water in their stems and leaves are best.Some plants, like pines and junipers, are bad for fire-prone areas. When it catches on fire, it burns extremely high and the radiant heat from that will catch the studs inside your house on fire, through your siding. So, if you have stucco, it’s not a protection.

Planting pines and junipers is also good from fire protection point of view, just make sure they’re at least 25 feet away from your home.

Apart from planting the fire-resistant plant in your garden it is equally important to ensure proper maintenance of these plants.Clearing away the grasses that are dying off, that are becoming an easy ignitable fuel point, keeping proper planting in perspective, you know, you don’t want to crowd a bunch of plants in. That’s going to give you a brush fire source.

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