1. Consider every cut before you make it, from every angle around your tree, and repeat the process after each cut. Remember, less is more when you’re wielding the loppers.
  2. If your camellia is looking untidy, prune immediately after flowering. Prune the lower branches to lift the shrub off the ground and open it up to the light by aiming for 10cm gaps between the layers of branches at the tips.
  3. Don’t prune deciduous shrubs and trees before flowering or fruiting or you’ll compromise both.
  4. Trim the sides of a hedge to encourage dense, even growth from the top to bottom.
  5. Trimmed hedges should be slightly wider at the base and slope in at the top. This allows light into the base of the plant.
  6. Keep your groundcovers dense and lush with an occasional shearing. Trim to keep them from encroaching on paths and edges
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