Whether we are gardening or carrying out essential home maintenance, it is vitally important to have the correct hand tools and the correct safety wear. Safety Gloves are designed for comfort and for protecting the wearer from any damage to the hands whilst carrying out essential tasks. Like all products there is an endless supply of safety gloves on the market and it is important to select the correct safety glove for the task you are carrying out or you run the risk of not being properly protected.

Gardening safety gloves come in a wide selection of styles and designs and are used to protect the hands from any damage when weeding, and digging. The hands will be subjected to all kinds of hazards in the garden and thorns from roses, dirt and grime are all hazardous if the hands become cut or damaged. Garden safety gloves can also protect the hands from wear and tear when using spades, forks and gardening equipment.

Different safety gloves will give you different levels of protection and it is always advisable to shop around and consider the different types before you decide to buy. Disposable gloves are generally made from Latex or vinyl and are descriptive in their name because they are designed for short term use and these types of gloves can be brought quite cheaply in box’s which will give you an endless supply. Disposable gloves are used widely to protect the hand from some substances, from dirt and grime and when working with some animals and livestock. Disposable gloves are also used widely by the veterinary profession to protect the hands and to protect animals from any infection. Disposable safety gloves are also used widely in and around the home.

If you are carrying out a tiling job at home then you will certainly need the proper safety wear not just for the hands but for other areas of the body such as the knees and eyes where goggles and knee pads are vitally important. There are a wide range of tiling safety gloves and they range from the heavy duty tiling gloves to latex safety gloves. The safety glove you select will depend on the substances you are using and the type of tiling material you are working with.

There are lots of other tasks within the home where safety gloves will be required and there are plenty to choose from. The most important aspect is to select the correct safety glove for the task you are doing to ensure you are properly and safely protected.

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