Justin Newcombe provides following May Gardening-Weekend checklist for gardeners;

1. Plant broccoli, cabbage brussels sprouts, radish, beetroot, onions, peas shallots and get those garlic beds ready.

2. Feed trees with gypsum, prune and mulch. Make sure to remove all the debris out of the garden, including leaves and anything that may harbour pests over winter.

3. Feed citrus with magnesium sulphate and seaweed.

4. Spray with Tui Eco-Pest which will control caterpillars, white fly, aphids and blight and protect your perennials against fungus and insects with Tui Eco-Pest and Eco Fungicide; mix with Aquaticus Glow for best results (all available at Kings).

5. Plant bulbs and lilies and lift and store dahlia tubers.

6. Split landscape flowers like dieties, kniphofia and day lillies.

7. Slug-bait around young vegetable plants or leave a sheet of plastic on the ground and check it in the morning.

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