Plants surrounding the pond create the whole seamless look of your garden pond blending into your garden, so it looks like the pond naturally occurred there,” says Beck.

Creeping Jenny is a perennial ground cover with yellowish-green leaves that turn orangebronze in the fall. The trailing plant looks good next to a pond or waterfall and masks any artificial edges.

Rushes and grasses add softness to a pool and dwarf cattails are excellent background plants, great for small ponds as well as tub and container gardening.

Beck cautions against using the larger variety of cattail: They have extremely aggressive root systems and they can grow through your pond liners.

Bladderworts, with their little yellow flowers reminiscent of daffodils, are lovely floating plants. Water poppies, with their heart-shaped leaves and delicate flowers, add visual depth to a pond’s surface.

Water lilies are often too big for smaller ponds,Some of the water lilies can be 12 feet across.But there are dwarf varieties available.Be careful when introducing some water plants to their new home.

If you buy your water lily and it’s only got a stem that’s a foot long. If you dumped it right into the four-foot depth, . it’ll die before it can grow back up to the surface. You have to harden them off and you have to acclimate them, too.When the growing season is over, some pond plants can survive the winter.

It depends on how big your garden pond is more than the plant.If your garden pond is a larger pond, four feet or so deep, then you could take all your little plant pots and just sink them into the centre for the winter.

Some annual water plants will survive the cold months indoors. The key is often to keep them fairly cold. . Try to keep them somewhere that’s as bright as you can, but cool. Some of them can be grown in damp soil so you can take them inside and keep them in a sunny hanging basket with no drainage.

Gardening guru Alison Beck is the author of 38 gardening books, including Water Garden Plants for Canada from Lone Pine Publishing. She also works at Salisbury Greenhouse.
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