Late spring is an exciting time for gardeners. Shrubs and perennials start their showy season by early June. It’s also a great time to plant before the weather turns hot. Here are few stunning June bloomers that can be planted in spring, as well as annuals that will dazzle all summer. Enhance your backyard gatherings by making sure you’ve got plenty of plants that bloom in late May and June. Some exceptional varieties also continue blooming throughout the summer, or rebloom intermittently.

Choose a few sweet-smelling shrubs, such as Lilacs and Fragrant Roses, and plant them near a patio or other seating area. You may also go for growing David Austin Rose varieties that combine Old Rose forms and fragrance with long periods of bloom. “Landscape” or “Shrub” Roses start blooming in June and continue flowering throughout the summer. You can also feature Climbing Roses on arbors and fences.To create a dramatic early summer display, group numerous June bloomers in a border, such as Siberian Iris, Lavender, Daylilies and Alliums. Plant a prolifically blooming ground cover, such as Geranium ‘Rozanne’, in the front of the border. Or create a tapestry effect by planting a mix of several “true” Geraniums, including ‘Purple Pillow’. These stalwarts will continue blooming all summer in many locations, and will thrive in either full sun or partial shade. Also known as Cranesbills, perennial Geraniums are not to be confused with the ever-present annual Geraniums.

For gardens in shade or partial shade, Astilbes provide attractive summer flowers in many colors, from creams and whites to pastel pinks and deep reds, and their flower plumes range from delicate and feathery to plush. Astilbe plants make great ground covers as well as companions for Hostas, Hellebores, Ferns, and Cimicifuga ‘Hillside Black Beauty’.

When planting in spring, water new plants thoroughly and check the soil around them on a regular basis, watering if dry, until they are well established. Many plants will benefit from a layer of organic mulch.

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