You can make your own nutrient-rich soil supplement by turning food wastes you would otherwise throw in the trash into compost. An inch or so of compost added to your garden each year is often all you need to maintain healthy soil.

Alternatively you can also buy locally made compost that doesn’t have to travel so far. Look for products with necessary certification from authorized bodies meeting the “Environment standards”.

When plants need a quick boost, apply a liquid organic fertilizer. Make your own from compost and water.

Choose a container depending on the amount of fertilizer you wish to make. You can use a drum, large garbage can, or just a bucket you have sitting around.Just fill the container about onethird full of the compost, then fill the rest with water. Let the mixture sit for three or four days, stirring it from time to time.

The result will look somewhat like tea when it is ready for use, but needs to be diluted by adding additional water before applying it to the soil around your plants and vegetables.For best results, run it through a cheesecloth to strain out the solids and shovel what’s left into the garden or back onto the compost heap.

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