Flooded laundry rooms, overflowing  toilets, and aquariums with dirty water gives real problems. Portable and rechargeable water pumps are now in the market to help homeowners and gardeners. These new portable and rechargeable water pumps control overflowing or leaking water which is one of the most common causes of household damage. These modern days appliances are quite dependable and portable water pump that equips consumers with an immediate solution for excess water removal.

Commonly used portable and rechargeable water pumps come with a compact size  7″ by 3.25″ by 5.5″ and lightweight up to 4-5 pounds. It is ideal for a wide range of home applications including routine hot tub cleanings, and aquarium, clogged sink, toilet, wet basement, and laundry room draining. It is also equally effective in removing water from small marine craft such as kayaks, dinghies, canoes, and sailboats.

The portable and rechargeable water pumps run on a safe, low voltage battery, which is fully submersible and can be used to pump out fresh or salt water. It includes a submersible pump, eight-foot hose, rechargeable NiMH battery, and charging station. It also connects to any standard garden hose; and, with a 200-gallon per charge pump capacity, it resolves household water mishaps easily with the simple twist of a switch.

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