There is no need to shy away from using fresh herbs because they’re so darned expensive to buy.Instead it is far easy to grow herbs in your own garden and make them inexpensive.It really doesn’t matter if you don’t have the outdoor space or are intimidated by gardening in general. Here are few very useful and perfect tips that should hopefully motivate you to get growing herbs.

Grow Fresh Herbs

Herbs need lots of sun to thrive.Other than that, water them regularly and you should have a bounty in no time! It’s important to regularly pick the flowers off herbs that flower (for instance , basil and mint). This ensures that the plant will continue producing leaves instead of flowers, and it improves the flavor of the herbs as well. If you’re not much of a gardener but have a little outdoor space (even a patio), growing herbs right in a bag of potting soil is a great option, especially for favorites like basil, oregano, parsley and sage.

Growing Herbs in Pots and Containers

It’s great to grow herbs in pots so you can take advantage of the best spots in your yard and the sunny rooms in your home. Use a mixture of one-third potting soil, one-third sand and one-third peat moss, and be sure water can flow through the mixture easily. In the summer months set them in a ‘micro climate,’ like against a wall or a fence that blocks the cold wind but allows for maximum sun exposure. In the fall, bring your herbs inside and place them in a sunny spot that gets at least seven hours of natural light.

Pick herbs in the morning, if possible. This is when the leaves have the most oils, and therefore, the most flavor. Dry herbs by hanging them in a bundle secured by the stems with a rubber band. Once dry, grind with a marble mortar and pestle or save the whole sprigs. Store in a sterilized jar in a cool, dark place, and they will keep for a couple of years.

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