Hanging baskets filled with lovely blooming annuals will sure add to the beauty of your home garden and interiors. These perfect tips would be of great help in creating a hanging baset garden in your home.1.  Examine the area or part of your home and garden where you intend to put a basket. Determine the light conditions for that spot. A full sun gets all day or from noon-on sunshine. Part-shade is an area that gets no less than five hours of sun per day, but is in shade from noon to 4 p.m. If you hang a basket in such an area it will not get the intense afternoon sun. Full shade is an area that gets only light filtering through a tree canopy or a few hours of sun in early morning and late after-noon.

2. Subsequent to the selection of area with sufficient and required light you need to choose a flower type that suits your area.  The basket once hanged in your home garden is bound to face certain conditions If the spot you are hanging it in is very windy, you must choose plants that have a short stocky growth habit, like a geranium, or have strong flexible branches that will take the wind. Some plants are too brittle and break easily in high wind.

3  You must be very careful while determining on the size of the container.If you are away from home for days at a time, you need to consider a bigger basket size than the standard 10-inch one. The bigger the basket, the longer the moisture will be held in the soil. You can purchase a 16-inch or 18-inch basket and transplant from the 10-inch if you can’t find your favorite plants already done up in a larger pot. Now days you can easily get a specific basket for entire week with one-gallon water reservoir in its base. This is the perfect for those of you who head out to the cottage for the weekend.

4.  Many gardeners and interior decorators prefer buying a standard 10-inch or 12-inch basket and drop it into a large pot to instantly fill their planter. It is a great idea. However, the plants will grow bigger and not dry out so fast if you actually take them out of the basket and transplant them into the larger container. You will have a much bigger soil volume to hold moisture. When filling the container in preparation for the transfer, use one-third compost and two-thirds potting soil. The compost will help the soil hold moisture longer and also provide some nutrients between fertilizing.

5.  Fertilizing  the baskets is very important. If you want your baskets to grow well right into fall, the plants must be fed regularly. A balanced fertilizer, such as 20-20-20 would be good.You may use it quarter strength every week so that plants get a constant supply of nutrient. You can also use a small amount in your watering can every time you water.

6.  Watering the baskets is really important. They need to be checked daily and even twice a day in really hot weather. If you push up on the basket and it is still heavy, it is fine. A light pot needs to be watered. Water thoroughly until the excess water runs out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

7. You should never forget removing spent flowers regularly to prevent seed formation and pinch back the ends of the branches often. This will keep the plant producing new flower buds as well as encouraging the stems to continue to branch out. Long, lankly growth is not very attractive.

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