Gardeners generally use the benches  for potting flowers and small seedlings. Potting benches help you become more efficient.You can easily have all your garden tools within arm’s reach when potting plants.

Potting benches are available in many materials from wood to vinyl.Building a potting bech by yourself is an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

You need to decide about the location of the potting bech in your garden.Put the bench in a shady spot so you’re not working in direct sun, experts recommend. Consider whether to incorporate the bench into the landscape or hide it behind a garage or shed. Remember that a potting bench can get messy and cluttered.

You must take the size factor in account for making a potting bech. Consider what size plants and pots you will be using, and how much workspace you will need. Make sure the work area is at a comfortable level. You don’t want to have to bend down or reach up.

There are many types and designs of a potting bech. Some benches come with shelves, drawers, or utensil hooks for storing or displaying gardening tools. Consider hanging tools on hooks so they aren’t sitting in wet drawers after it rains.

Pick a material suited to your climate. Many benches are made from cedar or redwood, which can withstand the elements well. Plastic and recycled materials also hold up well in sun, rain and snow. In case you need a more mobile one you may also opt for benches that have wheels so they can be moved around the yard. If you intend to roll yours around the lawn, make sure it isn’t too heavy to push.

The price range is quite varying in nature for the potting benches.Prices largely depends upon size,design,material, and applicability aspects. A do-it-yourself (DIY) potting bench could be constructed for as little as $25. A number of gardening websites offer plans for building potting benches. Store-bought benches start at around $100.

Potting benches come in many styles, from rustic to country cottage to simple and functional. If the bench will be visible from a patio, deck or house window, you will need to consider whether it blends with the look of your house or yard.

Potting benches can be outfitted with many kinds of equipment. Some have sinks that can be rigged to outdoor spigots. Others have leaves or shelves that can be folded out to create extra work space. Some come with boxes to store soil or catch it while you work.

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