Companion planting is one of the safe remedies for shooing pests away from the garden. For those of us who want to use environmentally friendly methods, these suggestions aren’t guarantees but still have merit. Here are a few you might like to try in your garden this year.

Alliums (including chives, garlic, leek and onion) deter carrot fly and “generally improve health of vegetable garden plants.” It seems garlic and onions will deter aphids and Japanese beetles, moles and mice.

♦You can make a garlic spray and use it on roses and other plants, but it is mentioned that you should love garlic before doing this because your garden could take on a distinct odor that could make a rose not smell like a rose.

Basil repels flies and mosquitoes, so it is recommended you “try it in pots placed strategically around your outdoor living area.” Basil is often planted near tomatoes “to improve growth and flavor.”

♦Another herb to place in pots around the garden is rosemary. This is said “to deter cabbage moth and Mexican bean beetle.” Use cuttings to place by the crowns of carrots for carrot flies.

Spinach planted around the garden will “repel slugs.” (I will definitely try this one.)

♦Try planting borage near tomatoes to repel tomato worms. This is a plant that has lovely blue blooms on it, and they are edible. This annual herb self-seeds and comes back season after season.

Mint is said to discourage the cabbage moth from laying eggs and will deter ants. They suggested planting it around the house — but that isn’t a good idea unless you are crazy about mint and want nothing but mint in your garden. Pots of mint placed next to the foundation of the house are a much safer way to experiment with this one.

♦Try this if you would like to rid your garden of Japanese beetles. Place white geraniums near roses. This is said to attract Japanese beetles, and you can then hand pick them and dispose of them in a pail of soapy water.

Pyrethrum (painted daisy and feverfew) can be planted anywhere in the landscape to deter aphids.

Radishes are said to be the workhorses of the garden. When planted near your squash, they may protect them from squash borers. Radishes are a deterrent against cucumber beetles, rust flies and more. Planting them around corn and letting them go to seed will also help fight corn borers. So stock up on packages of radish seeds and plant them around many of your vegetables all season long. You also will be able to enjoy fresh radishes while they work to eliminate problems from your garden.

♦For years, people have avoided planting vegetables and herbs with flowers thinking they weren’t as attractive, or should be in separate gardens. Not anymore! They all manage well with each other; in fact, with few exceptions, they support each other in numerous ways.

Excerpts from the book “Better Homes & Gardens Garden Book” and “The Basic Illustrated Indoor/Outdoor Plant & Garden Guide” .
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