It is far more relevant today to convert a little patch of your property into a source of organic food. Quality and cost control are the prime factors for suggesting such a growth-advocacy. Expert gardeners will tell you that there is a special kind of joy in planting, growing, picking and serving the freshest produce possible.

According to recent estimates nearly 30 percent of residential homes in North America alone cultivate a vegetable garden and have revealed that the growing season can be full of surprises. Sometimes, the winter will leave much more moisture in the ground than the year before, but other times, drought will hamper your harvest and so will heat, insects, weeds and plant disease.

Insects and disease can be a serious problem when growing vegetables. If uncontrolled, they will destroy your prized collection of vegetables and flowers. You need to effectively deal with these pests and still use a product that you can feel good about when it comes to your impact on the environment.

Fllowing strat up gardening tips will help you honing your skills in your own vegetable garden;

* Clean up: Clear your space by removing grass, rocks, or other debris.

* Till the soil: Add at least 6 centimetres of new vegetable garden soil to provide nutrients, improve drainage, and to promote strong root growth.

* Plant at the right time: Early season vegetables include broccoli, carrots, lettuce, peas, and spinach. By early June, you can plant the warm-weather vegetables like corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. 

* Control weeds: Put a layer of mulch around the plants

* Control pests and disease: keep an organic-approved spray handy for insect and disease control.

* Water: Keep seedlings moist by watering regularly.

* Harvest: Your bounty should grow quickly from seedlings to a full harvest in less than 60 days.

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