Go Native when planting your spring garden. Native plants are generally low maintenance — they adapt to local conditions and are easier to grow than non-native species – even if they require some watering.

Xeriscaping is the act of planting strictly drought-resistant plants. Depending on your geographic location, you may want to marry the two concepts for optimum results. You can easily get a list of various types of trees, shrubs, grasses, plants and species native to your state. Try to include some nice edibles in your sustainable garden, your taste buds & wallet will thank you.More reasons why we love the natives:

  • they can withstand droughts or freezes
  • they’re perennials or self-sowing biennials so they’ll reappear year after year
  • they’re non-invasive so they won’t overrun natural habitats
  • they require less fertilizer, water and pest control they stabilize soil and reduce erosion (critical to maintaining topsoil today)
  • they improve water quality by more effectively filtering storm water
  • they promote biodiversity, providing food and cover for local wildlife (birds, butterflies and mammals).
  • Source: Alternative Consumer
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