If you are worried on the issue of getting rid of the overgrown population of earthworms in your garden then you need to understand the problem first and then act. It is the spring season and the earthworms in spring make little hills and soften the soil–though the grass does grow well.

You could have tried chemicals to remove the earthworms but as a matter of fact it does not help you much. Even cleaning up the garden or lawn and putting in new soil would also not make them disappear completely.

Earthworms are unique benefactors of soil, moving nutrients upwards to where they are available to plants, breaking down compounds into useable nutrients, and tunneling to let air down to plant roots—critical for plants.

Earthworms indicate you have healthy soil.  Under no circumstances it is recommended to use a pesticide to kill earthworms, and, in fact, none are labeled for this purpose. Applying any insecticide to your soil also harms other tiny organisms that keep your soil healthy.

You may have an unusually high population of a particular earthworm species.  Mother nature has a way of balancing things out eventually. Earthworm predators and diseases will increase in response to a high earthworm population, and in time you should see fewer worms on the soil surface.

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