In’s survey of its 27,688 professional and recreational gardeners, 20.6 percent of respondents said “vegetable gardening” is the most popular gardening trend. “Small-space gardening” was selected by 17.1 percent and “organic gardening” was chosen by 16.3 percent.

“Vegetable gardening has enjoyed a surge in popularity due to the economy, the price of gas and consumer concerns about the origins of the food they eat,” says John Mitchell, founder of  “Add to that the personal satisfaction you get by growing your own food and it is no wonder vegetable gardening is the most popular trend.” Other findings include:

  • 43.6 percent responded that “yes, you can save money by vegetable, fruit and herb gardening.” Another 28.2 percent said “it doesn’t matter, it’s enjoyable.”
  • 56.9 percent said tomatoes, though technically a fruit, are their “favorite vegetable to grow.” At 8.1 percent, peppers were second.
  • Basil was chosen by 35.6 percent as “most favorite herb to grow.” Rosemary at 12.2 percent and chives at 8.0 percent were other favorites.
  • Berries were picked by 31.4 percent as the “most favorite fruit to grow.” Apples were chosen by 6.7 percent and citrus by 5.2 percent.
  • 45.8 percent of survey respondents cited “relaxation and enjoyment” as their main reason for gardening. 25.8 percent chose “garden for beauty and decoration.”

“I can relate to these findings,” says Mitchell. “As a gardener, I typically plant according to the season. Spring is in the air and the survey results definitely show that there is lot of activity.”

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