Growing, nuturing,and mainataining the houseplants is an art in itself. Several new techniques have evolved during past years.There are new trends to grow houseplants these days. During the 90s there was an explosion of new and different types of houseplants suitable for indoor gardening. Latest trends however have got diverted towards short-lived blooming plants. Instead of filling every available window space with as many plants as possible, these days plants are used to decorate, such as a simple cactus garden on a coffee table or a large ficus in an entryway.

In order to maintain houseplants you need to ensure few essentials so that your indoor plants do not needlessly suffer.

While growing houseplants, the first fundamental principle is to avoid over-watering in any case.This can’t be stressed enough as many people who claim to have black thumbs actually kill their plants with kindness. The main symptom of underwatering, wilting, is also a symptom of overwatering. Even though they are plunged deep into the soil, a plant’s roots need oxygen. When the soil is kept wet all the time, there is no oxygen and the roots begin to rot and die.

If a houseplant gets stressed because of poor conditions or overwatering, insect pests start to move in and basically kick it while it’s down. Whiteflies, spider mites, mealybugs and fungus diseases start to take over. Otherwis houseplants will go helpless in a few days only.

Houseplants also require enough and sufficient light than the average house’s windows can provide. You need to ensure to cut back considerably on watering and don’t feed at all during the winter. It is always better not to encourage the plant to grow when the sun is lower in the sky and the plant’s natural instinct is to slow down or completely stop its growth until conditions improve.

In spring when the sun is higher and brighter and days are longer, some plants might need repotted or at least have the soil refreshed. When it really warms up outside, they prefer to be moved outdoors either in a shady or filtered shade location.

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