The garden beds that are unframed but linear is the simplest form of vegetable garden beds. Such a simple vegetable garden bed could easily be made out of the turf. Generally the level of the vegetable garden bed soil is almost equal to the ground level. Some gardeners although prefer that it could be a couple of inches higher subsequent to the amendments and soil is fluffed with a fork.

Basic raised bed incorporates a good drainage as well. With such an improved drainage the soil warms up faster in the spring. It is especially useful where the soil  is heavy or poorly drained.

Making a raised bed for vegetables in your garden you should prefer bringing in extra soil. You may consider adding compost and raking soil.Removing or covering turf allows you to jump right in with garden making.

You do not need to spend money at all at the garden store or the hardware store to procure lumber or any other construction material to make the vegetable garden beds.There are readymade raised bed  kits available at the garden stores but that too is not required if you prefer saving money on that. DIY would be a better idea.

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