Celebrity gardeners are urging people to work with, not against, nature to find an alternative, writes Alison O’Riordan.

Fears are growing rapidly in the gardening world that digging up bogs is destroying important wildlife habitat and driving climate change. In fact, 42 per cent of the controversial compost used in gardens continues to be peat, with many celebrity gardeners admitting amateur gardeners refuse to phase it out.

Most of the peat used by gardeners comes from bogs which are important to wildlife habitats. Industry sources estimate the gardening peat market to be worth billions.

Peat lands are disappearing at a tremendous rate and it is unacceptable that we are destroying such ancient wildlife habitats in order to satisfy a so called eco-friendly hobby called ‘gardening’.

Thousands of acres of peat lands are dug up every year in order to satisfy peat gardening needs alone. It is pure laziness that we don’t use the obvious alternative like kitchen and garden compost, leaf mould and coir.

Grdening, like the energy industry, needs to cop on and change, we need to work with nature not against it. Work with the soil you have rather than working against nature. We don’t need to keep destroying our wildlife habitats, there are lots of peat-free alternatives and the quality has improved in recent years.

Gardening techniques change all of the time so the gardeners need to be open to new eco-friendly products.

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