It requires really simple steps to start your garden plants from seed indoors in the early spring so that they are ready for transplanting into the garden .A smart gardener knows how to spped up the transition from winter to spring gardening in systematic manner.

As a gardener you should know that the process of germinating your own seeds and nurturing the seedlings into transplantable vegetable plants is challenging and rewarding. You must try this .If the seedlings do not thrive, don’t worry; there is always the local garden center where, although you will not have the variety that you have access to by starting your own seedlings, you will always find vegetable plants ready for your garden.

In case you are transplanting the seedlings into larger pots or containers they will grow into larger and healthier plants. Remember that when you transplant and nurture seedlings you still must keep them in a warm place, water them regularly, and provide a light source — either near a sunny window or under a grow light.

In the begining you need to be pretty much sure to use the same seed starting mixture used to plant the seeds. Do not use regular potting soil or dirt because neither holds moisture as well, and both may contain plant funguses and other problems.

Generally the root structure of the seedlings is still too delicate, and you want to do everything possible to get the plants to develop healthy and large root balls as quickly as possible. The roots are the foundation of the successful plant, and you want to do everything you can to nurture the growth of those roots.

You may use the cell trays or individual peat pots to transplant your groupings of seedlings into their own separate cells. Cell trays are good for lettuce and tomatoes. Pure peat pots are made from formed, compressed peat moss and eliminate transplanting shock by planting the whole pot directly into the ground. They are good for plants that do not like their roots disturbed in transplanting, such as melons, cucumbers and peppers.

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